Hungarian Air Force Gripen fighter jet suffered an accident at Cáslav air base in the Czech Republic

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Czech ministry of defense reported that a Gripen fighter jet of the Hungarian Air Force suffered an accident at Cáslav air base. Both pilots ejected and both are safe. Apparently, after touching down the jet became uncontrollable and ran off the runway.

Caslav airport spokesman Tomas Maruscak said the Hungarian fighter jet landed as normal, but could not stop. "We have no way of knowing that this was the fault of the pilots or some technical problems caused it" said the spokesman on television.

The accident happened early in the afternoon at 13.40. Technical experts of the Czech defense ministry immediately began an investigation into the case said Magdalena Dvorakova, employee of the press department of the Czech military.

The Hungarian jet took part in a Czech - Hungarian - Swedish military exercise at Caslav airbase in the Czech Republic.

The Hungarian ministry of defense issued a brief statement releasing the names of the two pilots involved in the accident - Brigadier General Csaba Ugrik and Major Gergely Gróf; both pilots are in good condition.

The ministry of defense will provide additional information on the accident upon completion of the investigations.


The jet's data recorder is in good condition said a spokesperson for the Transportation Safety Bureau on Wednesday to MTI.

Erika Bajkó explained that according to the law, like in the case of civil aviation the Transportation Safety Bureau qualified to conduct an investigation if a military air-traffic accident happens.

Hungarian experts already visited the accident site, surveyed the wreckage, and questioned the two pilots.

According to Bajkó, the data recorder will be removed from the wreckage on Wednesday.

Following regulations by international law the manufacturer of the aircraft will be notified of the accident. Swedish experts are expected to join the accident investigation Wednesday afternoon said Erika Bajkó.

According to Czech accident investigators, there are two possibilities that could cause the accident - either the pilots made a mistake or some kind of technical problem developed during landing.

Spokesperson of Czech army Chief of Staff Magdalena Dvorakova told MTI on Wednesday that the ongoing military exercise has been suspended until the completion of investigation of the accident.

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