HVIM activists report from pro-illegal immigration demonstration

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yesterday, a few hundred liberals (many of them foreigners) gathered in the capital to protest against the government's policy of exclusion and demand social housing for illegal immigrants. The event was visited by Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) activists disguising themselves as supporters. "Our goal was to introduce the kind of people organized the event and supporters of the show to the general public,” write HVIM activists.

Illegal immigration in Western Europe teaches us that we must be vigilant when it comes to welcoming migrants. Budapest can't become a city like Berlin or London where walking on the street as a white man is a risky business. Budapest has been targeted by forces from distant lands for quite some time but the process of flooding the country with illegal immigrants really accelerated jut now and in a few years, we can have unpredictable consequences if we don't act now.

Against this background, it is understandable that we Hungarian patriots don't like organizations that are encouraging migrants to settle in our city. Taking part in the demonstration we got an excellent idea of the kind of people that run the show. Most of the organizers did not even speak Hungarian. When we tried to communicate with them, in many cases they responded "I'm sorry I'm not Hungarian". Organizers that spoke Hungarian, without exception belonged to extreme liberal subcultures.

We've spotted "Budapest Pride" activists in the crowd including individuals of indeterminate gender and pseudo-liberal-intellectuals as organizers.

The notion of flooding the county with migrants and the malicious activity of promoting illegal immigration will be the focus of our attention in the coming years. We will not allow to these people to turn Budapest into cities like Berlin or London where walking on the street as a white man is a perilous adventure concluded the report of the HVIM activists.

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Anonymous said...

They should have been rounded up and be deported.
Political activism of guests, especially against the ELECTED government - who are here at the pleasure of the people of Hungary - should be prohibited. If they break the rule, be first warned, and the second time deported.

This behavior of GUESTS is especially revolting, in MY country and homeland by this foreign, tolerated flotsam-and-jetsam as the MAJORITY of the citizens of Hungary are against immigration. They are barely tolerant with Hungarians sttling from the neighboring countries.
Right or wrong labeling is historically(!) a very-very relative term in this matter, therefore the wish of the native people MUST be respected, rather than currently or temporary fashionable notions implemented.
Hungary fared extremely awful with centuries uncontrolled immigration culminating in 1920 with Trianon, and that must be the guiding and overriding principle - based on our horrid experience.
Let's not forget the gypsies either, for negative experience factor - currently...

Anonymous said...

Here we go again

EU will force Eastern Europe to take immigrants if they don’t
New Media Platform Needed: Hungarian Mayor
Angyal szállt a földre Ásotthalmon

Anonymous said...

anti-White EU leaders

are trying to flood Eastern Europe

Anonymous said...


Romania, Serbia Ready to Close Borders for Migrants
Karl Marx Was Rothschilds' Third Cousin

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