Illegal immigrants continue to stream into the country through the unprotected Hungarian - Serbian border

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Although the corporate media ignoring the phenomenon of illegal immigration, migrants keep continue steaming into the country through the undefended Serbian-Hungarian border in Ásotthalom area.

Afghan and Syrian refugees flooding Budapest sleeping in parks and other public places near Western station reported residents of the neighborhood; according to sources, in some places where illegal immigrants set up camps thefts, and robberies increased significantly.

The photos show groups of illegal immigrants resting in the outskirts of Ásotthalmon waiting for police to pick them up and transport them to refugee camps.

Meanwhile, the Orbán government sent a consultation form to all Hungarian households asking Hungarian citizens' opinion on immigration issues.

A group called the “Migrant Solidarity” (probably foreign agents) criticized the government over the consultation issue calling it xenophobic propaganda.

According to the group, the survey undermines the democratic decision-making process, and intended to increase fear and xenophobia in Hungarian society.

The foreign agents asked the government to close the Debrecen reception center because they think illegal aliens should live among the Hungarian population in big cities in order to be able to start a new life.

In the mean time, Jobbik initiated a referendum on immigration announced Jobbik President Gábor Vona on N1TV. The TV channel Intelligence magazine reported that residents near Nyugati square complained that illegal immigrants occupied Eiffel square where they sleep and keep contact with one other.

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