Jobbik president Gábor Vona on the transformation of Jobbik into people's party

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The ongoing changes in the past couple of years foreshadow even greater challenges for the coming years - the successful transformation of Jobbik into people's party. In the process the party's original program won't change, but efforts will be made to win over the widest possible segment of society in a calm and measured manner. All these challenges put heavy burden on the national and local leaders of the party. We will be graded on credibility, professionalism, responsibility, pragmatism and humility. These are the parameters on which every member of Jobbik will be evaluated.

I am convinced that our future success depends on the party's successful transformation. Our opponents know this very well. We know we are on the right track because our opponents attacking us from all directions.

Fidesz and the Socialist party are terrified to see that Jobbik's messages are actually getting through and the public pays attention; as a result, they do their best to upset Jobbik's successful strategy. Our opponents will try to torpedo the transition process by attempting to create division in our party, stir up internal disagreements, belittle our success and blow mistakes out of proportion, in other words discredit the transformation of Jobbik into a people's party.

This in turn means that all party members, including leaders of the party must pay attention; most of all, they must be conscious where to get their information from. I know very well that our opponents take every opportunity to attack us and to destroy the process we've started by slandering us and lying about our programs.

Therefore, I ask everyone who trusts Jobbik:

Do not believe right away what you read about us in the media; first, inform yourself, ask questions, and listen carefully. And most importantly, obtain information from credible sources like, Barikád weekly and N1TV daily broadcasts. Everyone can find credible information about Jobbik by visiting the above mentioned media outlets; and if you did so, please pass on the information to others.

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