Nearly 100% of Ukrainian Generals Want to Flee to Russia - Azov Fighter

Friday, May 29, 2015

There are only ten out of nearly 400 generals in the Armed Forces who are willing to wage the war. Other would prefer to move to Russia, a member of the Azov regiment said.

The Ukrainian Army should facilitate counterintelligence work to bring possible traitors to light, a fighter of Ukraine's voluntary Azov regiment said on Ukrainian television channel 5, reported.

"The whole generalship of the Ukrainian Army, which is about 400 generals, must be ‘dragged' through a lie detector. Only ten of them will stay, as the others want to [go to] Russia," Serhiy Korotky said.

The command of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) must also undergo a lie detector test, since there is no alternative checking method, the fighter said.
He added that the military budget is embezzled at all levels, starting from the purchase of gasoline.



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