Retired German military officers condemn the aggressive policies of the west toward Russia

Friday, May 8, 2015

Close to one hundred senior officers of the German Army among them retired officers of the German Democratic Republic have signed an open letter, which condemns the Western countries' aggression against Russia. The open letter titled the "Soldiers of Peace" published by Junge Welt and signed by former Defense Ministers Heinz Kessler and Theodore Hoffman, as well as a number of senior German military officers.

The open letter has been sent to Bundestag and the embassies of NATO countries reminding them that the war ended 70 years ago in which 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives; meanwhile, during the post-war reconstruction period Washington and its allies started new wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.

The signatories state that the sole reason of the Ukrainian crisis is to destroy Russia; the plan at the same time weakens the European Union. The open letter criticizes the unprecedented, ongoing media propaganda against Russia; the signatories of the open letter condemn Germany because it supports war hysteria instead of attempting through diplomatic channels to settle the crisis.

The former German defense minister explains that they know the meaning of war, and because of that they support peace. We do not need a campaign against Russia, instead, we want peaceful co-existence based on mutual understanding; we do not want to depend on the United States.

Many people who have signed the letter also witnessed the Second World War, and agree that the key questions of our time can only be solved in collaboration with Russia; Europe's dependence on the United States is unacceptable.

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