Russia imposed travel ban on 89 European citizens, there is no Hungarian on the list

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finnish public radio published the names of 89 European citizens that have been banned from traveling Russia as a response to their anti-Russian activities. The list include 18 Polish, 9 British, 8 Swedish, 8 Estonian, 7 Lithuanian, 7 German, 5 Latvian, 5 Romanian, 4 French, 4 Czech, 4 Danish, 3 Dutch, 2 Belgian, 2 Spanish, one Bulgarian, one Finnish and one Greek citizen. There is no Hungarian politician on the list.

The Russian decision shocked a number of European countries; they are accusing Russia of dictatorial behaviour and complaining that they were not officially informed of the decision.

The German government asking for an explanation and clarification of banning German citizens from entering Russia. The Germans argue that those affected have a right to know for what reason they have been blacklisted by the Russian government.

HERE you can view the names of those affected by the travel ban.



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