Article published by Swimming World Magazine attacks Katinka Hosszú's reputation

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swimming World Magazine article written by Casey Barrett dominates sports headlines in recent days. The author of the article insinuating that swimmer Katinka Hosszú might use banned substances to aid her incredible performances in international competitions, but the author offers no proof to back up his allegations.

Those familiar with methods of mass manipulation and propaganda notice that the techniques used by the author to undermine the reputation of the Hungarian swimmer are reminiscent of procedures use by intelligence agencies. This involves spreading rumors and unsubstantiated allegations against persons they want to remove from the field of operation. If the target is weak and the allegations and rumors persist he/she eventually breaks down.

”..the coaches grumble; the experts roll their eyes; the athletes offer lukewarm congrats at the end of each eye-popping race. Everyone talks, but no one speaks up,” the quot gives a good indication what might be the motive behind the article.

Katinka's international success takes a toll on the reputation of US coaches that used to be in the limelight as US swimmers always dominated international competitions. But for their dismay, in the last couple of years US swimmers had to live in Katinka's shadow as she stole the limelight from them; the US always considered itself superpower in swimming – but this reputation may be fading like the dollar's reserve currency status.

This sneaky attack on Katinka is not at all surprising. Americans have never been shy of using dirty tricks if their interests called for it if they couldn't get what they wanted in a fair competition. This mental attitude is part of the US national ethos.

Remember the Tonya Harding case? Some years ago US skater Tonya Harding hired a hit man to break her main opponent Nancy Kerrigan's leg because she couldn't defeat her in a fair competition. This is the kind of US I am talking about.

Or here is the fairy-tale story of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. The US didn't hesitate to use this flimsy lie as a pretext to bomb Iraq to submission causing incomprehensible damage to the country by killing and displacing millions of people. This ruthless approach of getting what they want by any means dominates the mental space of the population, which applies equally to politics as well as sports.

The President of the Hungarian Swimming Association and the vice-President of FINA Tamás Gyárfás vigorously rejected the allegations against Katinka Hosszú pointing out that the swimmer is regularly tested by WADA and several local anti-doping agencies and the results are always negative.

The head of the Hungarian Swimming Federation doesn't understand what was the purpose of publishing this slanderous piece that offered no proof to back up the accusations against Katinka. But those who know better the American psyche have no doubt about the purpose of the article – destroy Katinka's reputation by linking her name to banned substances.

I'm hoping that after reading the article Katinka will have a good laugh and keep continue breaking and setting new world records in international competitions and in the upcoming Rio Olympics for the dismay of jealous US couches.


Latest news is that Katinka consulting her lawyer and seriously considering suing the magazine over the slanderous article.



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