The first time in Europe the history of the Holocaust will be obligatory subject in a Catholic University

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The history of the Holocaust will be compulsory subject in Pázmány Péter Catholic University starting in September announced the rector of the university Szabolcs Szuromi in Budapest on Tuesday.

The rector highlighted that the history of the Holocaust will be thought in addition to "Introduction to the Catholic belief system" and will be obligatory in all faculties of the university and will be a graduation prerequisite.

The course has been written by two professors - Dina Porat and Raphael Vago - at Tel Aviv University, "bearing in mind the peculiarities of Hungarian history."

The rector recalled that a year ago, during the Hungarian Catholic Bishop's Conference Israel's ambassador to Budapest Ilan Mor pointed out that the most effective ways of battling anti-Semitism is through education.

The rector expressed his hope that the initiative may contribute to "shaping the belief system of the new generations" and could be exemplary not only in Hungarian higher education but all around the world.

Israeli Ambassador to Hungary Ilan Mor stressed that the initiative of Pázmány Péter Catholic University is unique in the European context. He emphasized the importance of education in society, which should be started early at home and not in university, in public education, or even in kindergarten. "Parent is the GPS for his/her child,"; if parents don't instruct their children on the subject of Holocaust the education system must step in to make up for the deficiency.

The Holocaust is part of the identity of Hungarians, and the confrontation with the past is part of the process to build a more democratic society stressed the ambassador.

Ilan Mor emphasized that neither Catholics nor Jews aware of Nostra Aetate the document, which absolves Jews from the charge of killing Jesus.

Replying to a question whether the university considers introducing other subjects dealing with genocide into the curriculum Szuromi replied: the university was open to expand the range of general education courses. (Note: I recommend adding a course on the extermination of American Indians ed.)

The rector of the university remarked that "prominent personalities" of the university repeatedly emphasized that any form of anti-Semitism is incompatible with Catholic faith. It follows directly that "it is the obligation of the Catholic University to adopt ideas, which belong to the Catholic identity" that's why the two courses taught side by side paying special attention to the Old Testament and Judeo-Christian morality and culture.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad we don't have this Catholic virus in Bulgaria. That's all they are interested in - nation wrecking and importing Africans into Europe. And now they will teach Holocaustianity to the sons of Gilgamesh?!? Extraordinary audacity and impudence!

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