Young girl sentenced to 3-years in jail for “assaulting” a gay man

Friday, May 1, 2015

Watch the girl with long braided hair as she according to the court, “assaulting” a homosexual man during 2013 gay parade in Budapest; she was sentenced to 3 years in jail.

Since its introduction in the criminal code in 2008 the law "violence against a member of a group with different sexual orientation" has been applied the first time by a Hungarian court

Judge yourself whether the nature of the "assault" indeed called for such a stiff sentence.

Keep in mind that a couple of years ago the government introduced a bill in parliament to amend the Public Service Employment Act introducing age limit for judges; then, the European Union forced the government to withdraw the legislation so that the local surrogates of the global elite that planted in the justice system can continue promoting the oblique agenda of social deviance in Hungarian society by threatening the opposition with prosecution.

In the mean time, corrupt judges often set minority criminals free even when they commit serious crimes. This is all part of a satanic plan to subvert the social and cultural fabric of Hungarian society.



Géza said...

It is really sickening that a judge could sent a young woman like this to jail for 3 years in the first place! It really makes me very angry! Those liberal left laws must be terminated as fast as possible!

I agree with the writer, it is satanic nothing more!

Does anyone know the name of this woman and where she has to serve those 3 years? Because I think we have to support her and bring the massage to the Hungarian population, so they know that brave people like her are put in jail!

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