A memorial plaque was unveiled in Pozsony - Ligetfalu district for the memory of massacred Hungarian and German civilians

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The memorial pays tribute to thousands of Hungarian and German civilians massacred by Czechoslovak army soldiers after the Second World War; the memorial was unveiled near the mass graves and the internment camp that was set up after hostilities ended in 1945.

The memorial service organized by several ethnic Hungarian organizations in Slovakia, the government of Hungary and MEP Pál Csáky.

The nearly two-hour ecumenical memorial service attended by one hundred invited guests.

The memorial incorporates a decorated forged cross embedded in rock. The plaque commemorating Hungarian and German civilian victims who were massacred by the Czechoslovak Army 17th infantry regiment after June 20, 1945 as part of an ethnic cleansing operation. The internment camp operated until 1949.

According to available documents, the massacre has been carried out in several stages and it is estimated that thousands of people have fallen victim of the ethnic cleansing operation including men, women, elderly people and even infants. The victims were buried in six mass graves near the memorial site.

This was a real "Hungarian Calvary scene"; even though the war ended in May 1945, the Czechoslovak army continued killing civilians in high numbers told MEP Pál Csáky to MTI.

"It was a mass murder" plain and simple; the fact that finally, ethnic Hungarians allowed to honor the victims of the mass murder Slovakian democracy took a big step forward added the MEP.

One of the organizers of the event Géza Dunajszky, and Foreign Ministry counselor József Szabó told MTI that they continue exploring details of the tragedy; the next step will be to exhume all six mass graves.

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