A new chapter in Hungarian-Egyptian relations - PM Viktor Orbán

Friday, June 5, 2015

Hungary and Egypt open a new chapter in their bilateral relations said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Friday in Budapest. Viktor Orbán said the new agreements that the two sides have signed reinvigorate economic and political relations between the two countries. The Egyptian president urged Hungary to be more proactive in joining Egyptian development projects.

In a joint press conference Viktor Orbán explained that the two sides have discussed what Hungary could do to increase its participation in Egyptian development projects - and we managed to find new forms of cooperation said Orbán.

There is nothing new about strong Egyptian - Hungarian economic relations; these relations have survived the various political systems - "our presence in Egypt has always been strong,"; as an example, the prime minister mentioned military cooperation between the two countries.

Orbán announced that Hungary offers one hundred new scholarships for Egyptian university students. The prime minister also welcomed the cooperation agreement between the Egyptian Radio and Television network and the Hungarian public service network.

"Hungary has always talked about Islam with great respect"

There are many places in Europe today that people are afraid of Islam, in fact, there are places where Islam is considered an enemy. But Hungary is not among those countries. Hungary considers Islam as one of humanity's great intellectual and spiritual currents and we always speak about Islam with respect," - said the prime minister.

The Prime Minister added "we believe in cultural diversity"; every culture should be respected because every culture is beautiful. Cultural diversity is the gift of God. When we talk about a country with a different cultural identity we do so with great respect. It is not at all certain - he continued - that those social organizations and methods that are effective in the western world can properly function in other civilizations of the world. This to decide is not up to us, we are not advising to anyone on those issues; it is the responsibility of every independent nations to decide on its destiny said Orbán, adding that he is pleased that the Egyptian people charted a new path to success, and he is rooting for the successful realization of those dreams.

The prime minister stressed that Egypt is a unique country in the middle-east, because without a successful Egypt stability can't be realized in the region; in the modern world distances are disappearing, therefore, it can be said that without a strong and stable Egypt there is no stability in Europe either.

The Egyptian president's press statement urged Hungary to get more involved in Egyptian development projects by strengthening industrial and trade ties with Egypt. He asked Hungry to support Egypt's effort to develop stronger ties with the European Union by explaining the Egyptian government's achievements to member states.

The Egyptian president called his Budapest visit fruitful; he also recalled that Hungarian-Egyptian relations survived the test of time; he thanked Hungarian troops for helping maintain peace at Sinai Peninsula for twenty years.

The Egyptian president said the two sides have discussed Egyptian position on the fight against terrorism, the resolutions of the Libyan conflict, as well as the Syrian and the Iraqi conflicts.

He highlighted that there was an agreement between the two countries' positions on those issues.

Before the press-conference, the Egyptian president and the Hungarian prime minister signed a joint declaration and a memorandum of understanding on the delivery of 700 rail cars and cooperation between the interior ministries of the two countries.

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Canute said...

- From Hungary to Egypt, directed endless rules and open threats increasingly towards civil society, said US President Barack Obama in a speech for the "Clinton Foundation".

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim mass immigration should now embellished with the term "civil society".

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