Amateur video shows the riot in Debrecen refugee camp

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Riot broke out yesterday in Debrecen refugee camp but it is not clear what triggered the incident; police suggested that a disagreement over the interpretation of a religious text that sparked the disturbance. Others suggested that the camp is overcrowded that frustrates migrants make them feel restless and tense.

Police restored order in the camp and everything seems calm at the moment.

Hajdu-Bihar Police Department reported that six suspects have been been questioned regarding their roles in Monday's riot in Debrecen refugee camp.

Spokeswoman Erika Demeter said police have launched an investigation of the Monday's violence and six residents of the camp have been investigated for breach of peace.

A Turkish national, who started the violence by trampling on the Quran has been taken into custody said the press officer.

The camp that was closed for traffic on Monday evening reopened again on Tuesday morning so migrants are free to leave the camp.

Residents of the neighborhood reported seeing groups of migrants on Sámsoni road that is scattered by small shops, cafés and currency exchange booths.

At the camp entrance and around the refugee center there are a continuous police presence; civilian guards and police officers jointly patrolling the Sámsoni road as well.

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