Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai posted fresh photos of the flood of illegal immigrants continue streaming into the country

Friday, June 12, 2015

The liberal establishment by promoting illegal immigration preparing for the destruction of the nation wrote Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai on Facebook by adding that the liberal media shouldn't lie to the public by downplaying the seriousness of illegal immigration.

To prove the seriousness of the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants into the country Toroczkai uploaded fresh photos of migrants crossing the unprotected border creating intolerable conditions in the southern part of the country.

If you have had enough of the lies of the liberal trash media please share this post and these photos with the misinformed public and spread the word so that more people can find out what actually going on in this part of the country write Toroczkai!

Toroczkai facebook



Anonymous said...


Look at there cloths, this people are not poor! Do they look like they fled starvation or war? No this people only want the welfare of europeian countrys and the downfall of the western world! Granted not all of them are bad however, does who really need help are still in camps in wartorn countrys as they have no way out! If folk want to help this people we need to send help abroad not bringing them to are countrys.

How many of them will work? How many of the people will learn the language of there new country? How many of them have IS sympathies? (Just look how many have travelled to middel east from europe to fight for IS) How many of them will start demanding Sharia laws and other stuff? Only thing immigartion from the the middel east has given europe is rape, murders,robbers and segration, iknow, i live in Sweden this is whats happening here, and the only diffrent is that are politics do not care as they are not affected by it, at least Hungarys PM cares, so i envy all of you. you do not know how lucky you guys are.

Support Orban to close the borders or at least put up fences and hire a large force of people to make the controlls to see who we let in. Also, sending immigrants back to the first EU country they visted wich is not Hungary like some people say, they must have enterd trough Greece or Bulgaria.

Stop with the political correctness and the naiv liberal thinking!

Géza said...

I agree with you a 100%,.....Amen! First the borders most be sealed off with high fences completely like in Bulgaria!

Anonymous said...

Orban is a hero.

Alle borders must be guarded. Build gates and check everyone passing the border at border crossings. All non-western people without visa must leave Europe.

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