Breaking: Hungary indefinitely suspends the readmission of refugees from EU countries announced the interior ministry on Tuesday

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

According to the announcement, Hungary informed Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, UK, Finland, France, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia of the decision through the Dublin system.

The ministry pointed out that Hungarian police have apprehended 60, 089 illegal immigrants at the Hungarian - Serbian border before June 22 and the country has no capacity to house that number of migrants.

"Hungary has exhausted the available capacity,"; the situation requires swift action; Hungary had no choice but act before the European Union's decision on the issue.

Hungary, in the spirit of solidarity asked the EU member states to suspend transferring illegal immigrants to Hungary in accordance with the Dublin system. Hungarian authorities are working on the expansion of the housing capacity for illegal immigrants, which will take time to complete.

Meanwhile, it is pretty clear just by looking at any geographical atlas that migrants coming from Syria, and Afghanistan had to cross at least four states before arriving Hungary in order to register in accordance with the Eurodac system remind the announcement.

The so-called Dublin III. accord specifies that refugees must apply for asylum where they entered the territory of the EU. After that the responsibility of dealing with them falls on the shoulders of that member state; other EU countries can send asylum seekers back to where they first registered.

Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács said the country only temporarily susplended the Dublin agreement. "Hungary has the capacity to accommodate no more than 2,500 refugees, and we have already accepted 3000. The boat is full." said Kovács.

According to previous news reports, Austria and Germany wanted to return 15 thousand asylum seekers to Hungary.

The European Commission is getting hysterical over the government's decision and demanded an immediate explanation on the unilateral move. After Hungary announced the suspension of the agreement triggered by technical reasons the European Commission became agitated and now wants to know what has been done to resolve the refugee issue - reported Reuters citing an EU official. Because the Dublin Regulation (an EU asylum legislation) does not include the possibility of opting out of the agreement for any member state (meaning, it is a dictate) the European Commission requested an immediate explanation on the move and the measures have been taken by the government to remedy the technical issues said the commission spokesman.

(Note: The globalist fringe parties launched a ferocious attack on the government in accordance with the expectations of their foreign pay-masters for pulling out of the Dublin accord; this means nothing because these parties have no mass support; they don't represent the Hungarian people but foreign interest groups. A new poll by “Iránytű Intézet” earlier the week showed that the government's billboard campaign informing migrants of lack of opportunities in Hungary boosted Fidesz and Jobbik popularity a great deal; the globalist parties including the socialist party are on a collapsing course due to their aggressive promotion of illegal immigration. )

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