Breaking: There was a serious incident in Debrecen refugee camp

Monday, June 29, 2015

The main road leading to the refugee camp closed off by police! Riot police surrounded the refugee camp because a serious disturbance broke out among residents confirmed Bihar county police headquarters spokesman.

The camp was designed to house 800 refugees; but currently, about 1900 people crammed in the refugee center.

Migrants attacked dozens of motorists passing by; apparently, the incident has been triggered by a disagreement over the meaning of religious texts.

According to reports, garbage cans along the road set on fire by the migrants; they blocked the main road and attacked vehicles with clubs and stones.

Police confirmed that an Afghan and a Turkish citizen had a fight because one of them trampled on the Koran. According to sources, a Turkish citizen has been taken to the police station.


Géza said...

These are the "blessings" of EU membership and third world immigrants invasion that the West is enjoying for decades.

We Hungarians are lucky to see the strength of diversity in action!

This is just the beginning!

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