Eight truckloads of relief supplies heading to Transcarpathia

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Eight truckloads worth some HUF 100 million in relief supplies will leave Hungary on Tuesday to Transcarpathia as a result of a joint effort by several charity organizations.

The food is only a momentary help for the destitute population unable to pay overhead costs; many families have left without income as the income earners have been drafted into the army.

People are destitute and there is huge uncertainty among the population about the future. The charity organizations provide spiritual support as well by talking to locals urging them to hang in there and not to leave Transcarpathia.

The charity organization made up by the Hungarian Reformed Charity, the Catholic Caritas, the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, the Hungarian Red Cross, and the Baptist Charity Organization; the joint effort is also supported by the Unified Hungarian Israelite Community (EMIH), St. Luke's Greek Catholic Charity and the Johanniter Support Service said Gábor Écsi, leader of the Catholic Caritas.

Écsi added that they've received valuable assistance from the department of human resources, the ministry of foreign affairs and foreign trade, and the Ukrainian minority government in Hungary.

"The main message of the charity effort is to let people know and feel that they are not alone in these difficult times, the motherland cares about them" said Gábor Écsi.


MTI reporting that the relief supplies have arrived in Transcarpathia today. At Csap border crossing Miklós Soltész, Minister of State for Religious and Ethnic Affairs held an international press conference stressing that today's humanitarian aid was "a dress rehearsal; if the effort succeeds larger-scale relief efforts will follow during winter."

He thanked the charity organizations for collecting donations and Ukrainian authorities for their involvement in helping to deliver the aid across the border even if there were some difficulties at the border crossing. The minister encouraged the Ukrainian side to be even more courageous, and more flexible the next time when accepting humanitarian aid, because the Hungarian people made the donations in good faith.

Soltész has also announced that the Hungarian government will finance 700 Ukrainian school children of poor families' holidays from places beyond Transcarpathia; the children and their guardians will arrive in Hungary throughout the summer and spend ten-days in the Hungarian resort town of Velence. The Hungarian government assumes the full costs of the children's stay in Hungary including their transportation costs.

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