Even readers of extremist globalist news sites supporting the government's plan to erect a fence on the Hungarian - Serbian border

Friday, June 19, 2015

Two thirds of readers of the globalist news site backing the government's plan to build a fence on the Hungarian – Serbian border; the globalist opposition is grieving. Years of hard work to brainwash the Hungarian people hasn't paid off.

The globalist opposition isolated itself by frantically promoting illegal immigration, probably to flatter their foreign pay-masters.

More than 20 thousand readers responded to an online poll asking readers "Do you agree with the construction of the fence?"

Forty percent of respondents agreed with the government's plan to build a four-meter-high fence along the Serbian-Hungarian border. Twenty-five percent of respondents would like to see even a higher fence. Sixteen percent thought that this decision won't create jobs, and only thirteen percent opposed the construction of the fence unequivocally.

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In the meantime, surveying and marking of the border where the planned fence will be erected have started.

There are urgent calls to accelerate the construction of the fence because illegal immigrants continue streaming into the country as we speak.

Map showing immigrants the safest routes to cross the border into  Hungary

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