First World War memorial to be erected in Budapest

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The government is planning to erect a First World War Memorial in Budapest. According to Friday's edition of "Magyar Közlöny", a "central" monument will be erected somewhere in Budapest to commemorate the heroes of World War One at the one hundredth anniversary of the global event.

According to the decision signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the government supports the First World War Centenary Memorial Commission's proposal on the construction of a central memorial.

The government called upon the minister of human resources, the defense minister and the government commissioner responsible for investments to write a tender proposal. The government has asked the mayor of Budapest to cooperate with organizers in selecting a suitable location for the monument.

(Note: 95 years ago, behind the scene forces conspired to annihilate historical Hungary; by using the First World War as a pretext they partitioned the country reducing its territory to one third of its former size. In close collaboration with paid assets planted in the Hungarian political establishment they perpetrated the largest catastrophe in Hungarian history. Many people in Hungary tend to blame the victorious powers for the Trianon crime forgetting that the Hungarian ruling elite was just as guilty as those perpetrated the crime. The Hungarian ruling class allowed agents of behind the scene forces to infiltrate into the political establishment and grab power in the most critical time in the nation's history. In consequence, these agents by closely collaborating with their global puppet-masters committed the biggest crime in the history of the nation. None of those traitors were ever put on trial for their crimes, which shows that during their lifetime they were protected by their foreign overlords. Ninety-five years later, successors of those mean-spirited thugs are as active as ever in the various political parties and social organizations, both at home and abroad and are still openly promoting the completion of the destruction of the nation. Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany is being one of the most vocal agents of those forces that are unhappy with the current situation. Gyurcsany advocating the elimination of state powers by transferring all essential government responsibilities to Brussels.)



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