Forty-five gypsy criminals have been baptized in Csíkszereda

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Csíkszereda held a mass immersion ceremony in the Olt river during the weekend; forty-five gypsy criminals have vowed to give up their criminal lifestyle and embrace God.

The long ritual started in the gypsy neighborhood as 150 residents gathered dressed in white to listen Pentecostal Pastor Béla Lakatos' sermon. The people sang religious hymns in Gypsy, Hungarian and Romanian languages during the ceremony. Several devotees became quite emotional; a woman wept bitterly because she too wanted to get baptized and join the congregation, but because she had no enough willpower to quit smoking she wasn't allowed to join the denomination – smokers are not allowed to be members of the Pentecostal sect.

After the sermon followers went to the Olt river where they were immersed in the river by two pastors.

"We have given ourselves to God the Lord to become better individuals. We stopped committing crimes, we stopped drinking, and stealing," said one woman waiting to be immersed.

In the crowd there was a repeat offender gypsy criminal who was sentenced four times in the past to long prison term. Twelve years ago in 2003 he was the first among Tavasz street Gypsies who embraced the teachings of Lord Jesus. Since becoming a member of the congregation, he has been living an exemplary family life; he maintains a small farm and now builds his own house said proudly the ex-convict.

Meanwhile, those waiting to be baptized lined up on the shore of the river vowing to change their criminal lifestyle; then, one by one - first the men and women behind them - walked into the river to get immersed. When coming out of the water they smiled telling onlookers that now, they felt liberated from guilt and start a new life.

At the end of the ceremony, Pastor János Rostás said that some 300 Gypsies attend Csíkszereda Tavasz Street church service every Sunday. He noted that these people were feared criminal, thieves and robbers, yet they were able to embrace God. "We want gypsies to give up their criminal lifestyle, learn how to honor their families and become responsible parents," said the pastor.

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