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Hungarian folk costumes from various regions of the lost territories

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Folk costumes from Kalotaszeg region – Erdély (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

Őrvidék (Burgenland) - Austria (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

Szimona Vida wearing folk costume characteristic of Hetés region. Hetés means rural villages at the Hungarian - Slovenian border (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

Ilona Guzsvány wearing folk costume from Bácskertes region - Vojvodina (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

Folk costume from Kalotaszeg region – Erdély (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

81-year-old Csángó Hungarian woman Virág Kánya in her Gyimes home (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

Rebecca Keresztes wearing Zoboralja region costume – Ipolyság, Felvidék (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)

Anett Lajkó Molnár and her one year old daughter in the garden of her house - Vojvodina (MTI Photo: Molnár Edvárd)


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