Illegal immigrants are unstoppable in Szeged region as well

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The news about the planned fence on the Hungarian - Serbian border sent shock waves through thousands of illegal migrants still stationing the other side of the border. Since the news has became public the influx of illegal immigrants entered the country doubled. The migrants are visibly panicking as their easy access into the Europe Union soon will be shut off.

The photos have been taken in the early hours today near Szeged. They show groups of illegal immigrants crossing the border in groups of 50-100 people.

Eight rangers tried to stop them without success. Later, police also arrived the scene but it was impossible to stop the flood.

Many fled and ran into the city, and police still couldn't apprehend them reported Péter Tóth the president of Jobbik Szeged Wing who estimated that several hundred illegal migrants might be wandering around Szeged at this time of the day.

UPDATE: June 22, 2015
A total of 1,941 illegal immigrants have been apprehended over the weekend reported the National Police on Monday. (Note: This number includes only those registered with authorities, but the majority of migrants don't want to be registered. With the help of smugglers hundreds of them slipping into the country undetected every day and heading for the west. Therefore, in actuality this number is much higher, as it doesn't include those slipped into the country undetected. ed.)

Police website reported that on Friday 520, on Saturday 661, and on Sunday 760 illegal immigrant were apprehended.

Charges have also been laid for smuggling and falsification of public documents against 6 individuals reported by the police website.

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Anonymous said...

These people need to be apprehended and reeducated. All these people think their going to Europe for the "better life" are brainwashed by the media and smugglers. They have their own countries and in right order they should be sent back there with no sympathy, no thought, no wasted time.

They can get angry and upset all they want, they can feel helpless and emotional all they want, but Europe is not their homeland and Europe is not where their "better life" will happen. They think because of brainwashing that they will get free apartments, social benefits, good jobs, etc. Their absolutely delusional.

What will they do in Europe?
Pick cherries or olives?
Unless you have an education, these migrants will live in ghettos off taxpayer expense. They need to be stopped and Orban needs to stop pretending and put the army at the border. The only way to stop immigrants is to demonstrate. The fence proposal is helpless because there are ways to circumvent a fence. What is needed are guards, too. At least until the smugglers and social welfare migrants recognize Hungary will arrest them. Better yet, why not round them up and make them work in social schemes like is done for the unemployed citizens and use the little money they earn for a plane ticket back to their country of origin?

These people are not "immigrants" they're social welfare migrants brainwashed by propaganda.

Géza said...

Where is the army???!!!! It is a war, but not a conventional one! Brussel and the liberal left political elite wants this to happen and that is why it is not stopped till this day! Why did the people of Europe became so weak and political correct? This has nothing to do with immigration or socalled refugees, it is a real invasion which will destroy us as an ethnic group, culture and as a country! I warned about this for years also on this blog! Now Hungarians can taste the "enrichment of the third world" the West is pushing on us!

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