Irina's fatal misstep

Friday, June 26, 2015

Twenty-five-year-old Irina Ivanyjusban of Drogobuch decided last fall to join the Ukrainian Army to fight against rebel forces in Dombass as she was convinced that the road to Europe leads through Dombass.

As an enthusiastic supporter of Majdan and a sympathizer of Right Sector before leaving for the front-line took a fun picture of herself dressed in army uniform.

The adventure, excitement, and fun have come to a sudden end this Sunday near Bahmutka where Irina stepped on a land mine!

Her comrades ran away leaving the seriously injured girl behind. Rebel forces picked up what little has left from the young, misled girl and rushed to Luhansk hospital. She was told that she has lost both her legs and sight in one eye.

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Géza said...

there are many misled young people all over Europe, indoctrinated by the deceptive liberal left ideology that promise real freedom and personal happiness!

It is very sad this girl pays such a high price for her spiritual blindness. I will not blame her, but those socalled leaders!

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