More than three thousand illegal immigrants have been apprehended during the weekend

Monday, June 29, 2015

A total of 3287 illegal immigrants have been apprehended by police during the weekend reported national police headquarters.

On Friday 1516, on Saturday 847, and on Sunday 924 illegal immigrant have been taken into custody.

Five individuals have been charged with smuggling, and twelve individuals with public document forgery reported national police website.

Most migrants have been captured in the southern part of Csongrád county - on Sunday 659 migrants have been taken into custody, including 77 children in the county bordering Serbia, 81 of them Syrian citizens.

Csongrád County Prosecutor's Office spokesman said a Serbian man has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for smuggling; he wanted to transport 11 Syrian migrants to Vienna for EUR 700.

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It is sad freedom of speech is attacked in Europe and also made this blog political correct!

Please keep sharing good articles and never stop telling the truth!

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