National Police Headquarters: until Tuesday at midnight, 61,457 illegal immigrants crossed the Serbian-Hungarian border

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Until Tuesday at midnight 61,457 illegal border crossing have been detected this year, of which 60,922 have been registered.

Police reported that so far this year, the largest number of illegal immigrants entered into the country on February 6; then, 1696 cases came to the attention of the police.

A graph published on the National Police Headquarters website shows that in the past 30 days, the largest number of illegal immigrants entered into the country occurred on Tuesday this week - 876 migrants crossed the Hungarian - Serbian border on this day.

An average of more than six hundred people enter into the country daily.

Csongrad County Police chief ordered increased scrutiny measures in Szeged and its surroundings in the early afternoon on Wednesday; up until 2 pm today more than 668 illegal immigrants have been apprehended.

Police officers guarding a group of illegal immigrants apprehended near Szeged. June 24, 2015

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