One-seater JAS-39 Gripen C carried out an emergency landing at Kecskemét airbase

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The pilot ejected and suffered injuries but he is conscious, and currently undergoes medical examination.

According to sources, the one-seater JAS-39 Gripen C landing gear was the problem. The defense ministry issued a statement confirming that the aircraft carried out an emergency landing at 10:52 and the pilot ejected after landing.

The press officer of the ministry of defence could not confirm the information regarding the extent of damage to the fuselage; in a public TV interview, Lt. Gen. Zoltán Orosz said the air-force has not lost the fighter jet; there was a technical problem caused by the nose gear; he claimed that the aircraft can be fixed.

The experienced pilot detected technical problems in the air and after dumping the fuel decided to carry out an emergency landing. During the landing the aircraft went out of control, so the pilot decided to eject said Orosz.

The aircraft landed in a grassy field rather than on the runway.

So far, very few data are available to figure out what exactly happened.

Although the information has not been confirmed officially, sources reported that the pilot put down the aircraft on a grassy field rather on the runway. Aviation expert László Kővári commented on the issue by saying that in this situation this was the right thing to do, because the grassy area makes less damage to the fuselage than the concrete.

The ministry of defense announced that the entire Gripen fleet will be inspected.

According to information obtained by "Magyar Nemzet", the pilot suffered vertebral fractures and transported to a military hospital in Budapest; he is in serious condition.

An aviation expert commented on Facebook that very difficult to carry out belly landing with this kind of aircraft due to the pylon located in the middle of the trunk of aircraft.

This is the second fighter jet the Hungarian air-force lost in a month. Last month, a Gripen fighter jet crash-landed in the Czech Republic during a military exercise.

Correction: It was erroneously reported that the aircraft carried out an emergency landing in a grassy field; sources confirmed that in fact it landed on the runway.

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