Picture of the day: Sunrise near “Ásotthalom, the first group of illegal immigrants entering the country

Saturday, June 27, 2015

More than 1500 illegal immigrants crossed the Hungarian – Serbian border On Friday. Photo: Segesvári Csaba / AFP

Illegal immigrants apprehended and waiting in a police van to be transported to one of the country's reception centers.

Police apprehended one hundred and six migrants crowded in a small truck; most of them Afghan, Iranian and Syrian citizens; they almost suffocated in the small space due to lack of oxygen; when the smuggler noticed there was a problem jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene near Mórahalom - reported Csongrád County Police on Friday.

A new immigrant processing center will be ready for receiving migrants very soon; the center will be set up in the former Gabor Aron barrack in Kiskunhalas.

MTI correspondent saw workers cordoned off a two hundred by two hundred meters land in the former barrack. In the evening the first tents have arrived and soon after military personnel began setting them up. The soldiers worked through the night to set up 100 tents. The work was completed in the morning and all soldiers returned to their bases.

Photo: Segesvári Csaba / AFP

MTI has learned that about 1,100 migrants can be housed in the center temporarily. The migrants can spend up to 24 hours in the camp until their data to be recorded, and will be decided on their asylum applications. (MTI)

(MTI -


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