PM Viktor Orbán: Immigrants should not be encouraged to come to Hungary

Thursday, June 25, 2015

After arriving in Brussels to attend the EU heads of state summit the prime minister confirmed that Hungary opposing the mandatory quotas for distribution of refugees; he can imagine a solution like this is only on a voluntary basis.

As he said, the refugees must be helped in the spirit of Christian charity, but those who come to improve their economic livelihood and to find better life here are not refugees and against those migrants Hungary will protect itself.

We feel for individuals persecuted in their countries, but we are not mindless; the two categories must be kept apart said Orbán.

"We must always be on guard making sure not to give in to the lure of nice words, or compassion" warned the prime minister.

In Brussels everyone knows that the majority of migrants coming to Hungary - ahead of Italy and Greece.

While those two countries receive about € 160 million to help managing the refugee crisis Hungary gets only half a million, stated the prime minister; at the same time, he remarked “we're not going to beg.” It is not the money that motivates us when drawing attention to the immigration issue. If we get money we accept it but either way, we will protect our borders said PM Orbán.

The prime minister warned that the ongoing migration won't end soon, it is a long term process that needs to be taken into account. Those who think that it is a temporary phenomenon and linked to the Middle East crisis are dreaming. The European welfare system, particularly the German one is so attractive that in the coming years millions of people will come to Europe if they feel they get a chance.

The only solution in our opinion is supporting nation states' efforts to protect their own borders; if we get help we do it with others, if not we do it separately - borders should be protected... emphasized the prime minister, adding that otherwise, there won't be any chance to halt the flow of the millions of migrants coming to Europe.

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