Rising star on the Hungarian kayaking scene - Anna Kárász

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Twenty-three year-old Anna Kárász proved at World Cup qualifiers in Szeged that she can defeat even the world's top performers.

The athlete of DÉMÁSZ Szeged won gold in K1 500m and silver in K1 200m. In the K1 500m race Anna even defeated Olympic Champion Danuta Kozák.

Last year in Moscow in the adults category she won two World Cup gold medals; in U23 World Cup series she won gold medals in K1 200 m and K1 500 m races.

I can't be satisfied with my results. My next race will be in the European Games in Baku; after that comes the Szolnok World Cup qualifier. In Milan World Championships I would like to compete in K1 500 m and K2 500 m said Anna.

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