The government is working on a plan to seal the southern border to stop the influx of illegal immigrants

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of consultation forms have already been returned to government agencies; the overwhelming majority of respondents demand strict measures to be taken against illegal migrants to stop the influx of foreigners into the country.

The Fidesz faction currently examining several options to close the southern border where the majority of migrants enter into the country.

Every nation's basic right to decide who it lets into the country - said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on immigration in Kossuth Radio news magazine. According to the prime minister, if the European Union didn't impose unrealistic rules on us, there would be no refugee problem in Hungary at all. Under current EU rules we can't send migrants back to their home countries because the EU force us to provide them refuge. Orbán's view is that immigration should be state responsibility, and the EU rules should be changed. Probably, the latter is a more viable option, because the EU plan to impose quota system on member states has failed said the prime minister.

Most illegal immigrants are not political refugees but economic migrants. Hungarians are the ones to decide who they let into their country said the prime minister, who regards the national consultation process correct and fair even if not immigrant friendly.

According to information obtained by "Napi Gazdaság", the government intends to take action on illegal immigration before the summer recess. Since the vast majority of citizens demand strict measures against immigrants the government has been studying various options of closing the southern border.

The number of illegal immigrants entering into the country through Serbia is alarming. Last year, 43 thousand immigrants entered legally or illegally in the territory of Hungary; until May this year more than 50 thousand migrants arrived in Hungary, the majority illegally; this number could reach 100 thousand by the end of the year.

Threats by Austria and Germany to return 15 thousand migrants to Hungary further exacerbate the situation. Under the current EU legislation illegal immigrants should be managed by countries where the migrant registered. The EU doesn't provide financial assistance to member states to look after the migrants.

We are working on a plan that allow us to expel these people from the country said János Lázár on Thursday. He emphasized that the best solution would be to round them up and hold them in collection centers outside the EU until authorities decide on their fate.

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