One of the world's most successful kayak dream teams breaks up

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Kavács-Janics kayak dream team breaks up as Natasa Janics-Douchev hinted she might be retiring from active competition after the team gave up half-way the world cup qualifying K2-500m race last weekend.

I take the blame for what happened. My first thought was "My God, what I have done!", when Kati turned around and I saw all the frustration and dismay on her face. At that moment I realized that I hurt her very much," said Natasa.

For the time being we have suspended training together in K2 races said Natasa Douchev-Janics to

After the race Natasa asked journalists, do not write that the team gave up or failed, because “I, alone take the blame for everything that happened. But let the reason behind the failure remain our secret,” said Janics.

The Kavács-Janics team was one of the world's most successful kayak teams. They won Olympic and several world and European championships gold medals in K2-200 m and K2-500 meter categories in the past ten years.

Both athletes skipped the last season; Natasa had back surgery and her recovery took quite a long time and Kavács due to pregnancy.

“I continue training in the next six weeks until the upcoming qualifiers, but I don't set high goals. I try to improve my speed, but at the moment I'm missing something from every element of kayaking” Natasa told National Sport. “I and Kati discussed how comforting it feels to pass the baton to the new generation as we have build something that they can rely on. Thus, I can end my kayaking career feeling satisfied," said Natasa.



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