Armed clashes, burning cars in Munkács

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Armed clashes erupted Saturday afternoon in Munkács, Transcarpathia near a sports center among Right Sector extremists and the body guards of an Ukrainian MP reporting Transcarpathian news sites.

According to, the armed clashes have started at Antresz sports center when members of the extremist organization tried to enter the facility, and encountered Ukrainian MP Mihajlo Lanyo's body guards.

DélHír reporting that the shootings continued in the outskirts of Munkács near the Csap-Kiev motorway. As a result several cars burned out and black smoke billowing above the area.

Law enforcement agencies sealed off sections of the main road where armed clashes erupted as well as all roads near Ungvár and searching all cars.

Transcarpathian Hungarian news portals reporting that Right Sector militants deployed RPG grenade launcher during the clashes.

Security beefed up at all border crossing and police have been deployed on Transcarpathia's main highways and major routes.

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Deadly Shootout in Ukraine Sees Two Right Sector Members Killed By Police

The head of the Right Sector in the Zakarpattia region confirmed the group was involved in the incident, and that the local police opened fire on them without warning.

KIEV (Sputnik) — Two fighters of Ukraine's Right Sector far-right paramilitary group were killed and four wounded in a shootout in Ukraine's western town of Mukachevo on Saturday, the group’s press service said.

Earlier on in the day, Ukrainian media reported that one person was killed and nine injured in Mukachevo, after some unidentified people seized a local sport complex and exchanged gunfire with police. Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, said that three attackers were killed and three policemen and four civilians were injured in Mukachevo.

The mayor of Mukachevo later added that a total of 10 people were injured during the shootout, including five civilians and five members of law enforcement agencies.

Alexander Sachko, the head of the Right Sector group in the Zakarpattia region confirmed that the group's members were involved in the incident and said that the local police opened fire on them without warning.

"After fierce fighting, two Right Sector fighters were killed, four – wounded, two of them – seriously. Having taken the dead and wounded with them, the unit [members] fought their way out from the bandit’s encirclement," the paramilitary group's press service said.

The press service also said that currently the whole Right Sector movement has been placed on high alert "and will not allow anyone to shoot off its brothers."

Right Sector activists also call for a protest rally Saturday in front of the presidential administration building.

"A rally is being gathered near the [building of] the administration of the president of Ukraine to oppose what is going on now, because it is terror… We will welcome everyone who comes," Artyom Skoropadsky told RIA Novosti.

The group demands the immediate arrest of Ukrainian lawmaker Mykhailo Lanyo, who, they believe, is directly linked to the shootout, as well as all the police officers who took part in the incident or ordered it.

A spokesman for the Right Sector's Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, Andrei Sharaskin, said in an interview with Ukraine’s 112 television that the incident in Mukachevo was linked directly to the efforts by his group to block smuggling routes in the region. Sharaskin also said that Right Sector members fighting against smuggling repeatedly received threats.

The Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) said that the country’s prosecutor general launched an investigation into the Mukachevo shootout.

The Right Sector paramilitary has played a major role in violent clashes with police, which resulted in the February 2014 coup.

In January 2015, the Russian Ministry of Justice added the Right Sector to its list of non-commercial organizations whose activity in Russia is prohibited.



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