Attendees of the Budapest Pride complaining of foul odor spreading along the Budapest Pride route

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Someone put fresh manure and shit in the flower beds along the Budapest parade route; the smell especially strong near the Opera House complaining the freaks and weirdos arriving the event.

Reporters already on the scene confirmed the information by saying that the manure odor spreading as people arriving the event.

Speculations are rampant regarding the source of the smell. Some people speculate that the city has chosen this day to fertilize the flowers along the main route.

The other possibility is that nationalist groups smeared shit over the flower beds so expressing their opinion of the event.

Budapest city officials so far have not responded inquiries regarding the fertilization of the flower beds.

Other people said that it looks like this was a "professional" job because no one ever remembers seeing plants fertilized by the city using fresh manure; so they think this was an attempt by nationalist groups to disrupt the event.

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