Construction of the border fence along the Hungarian - Serbian border has started

Monday, July 13, 2015

Photo: MTI

The ministry of interior (BM) and the ministry of defence (MoD) issued a joint statement on Monday at 8 am announcing the start of the construction of a border barrier along the Hungarian - Serbian border; the preliminary work has been started near Mórahalom by the 5th Bocskai István Infantry Brigade, the 37 Rákóczi Ferenc Technical Regiment and the 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base soldiers.

Currently, the soldiers carry out ground work, and road construction using trucks and bulldozers.

The current phase of the work includes the construction of a 150 meter long model section of the fence carried out jointly by interior ministry personnel and military personnel. Later on inmates will join the work and complete the rest of the fence.

Photo: MTI

The construction of the border fence will be a highly therapeutic experience for several, mostly gypsy criminals that have never done any meaningful work in their lives.

The government has decided to build a 4 m high border fence along the 175 km long Hungarian – Serbian border to stop the influx of migrants into the country that in recent months swelled into a flood.

This weekend alone close to 3,000 migrants have entered the country illegally.

According to Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó, until Monday more than 78 thousand illegal immigrants entered the country this year of which more than 77,500 arrived across the Hungarian-Serbian border. Therefore, the decision to construct a border fence was the right decision; the government expects that the "physical barrier" will greatly reduce the "unprecedented immigration pressure," on the country said the foreign minister.

Szijjártó stressed that these figures indicate a lack of a common European asylum policy.



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