Direct flights between Budapest and Toronto are not for Gypsy travelers

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hungarian media reported recently that the Canadian company that launched direct flights between Budapest and Toronto hired a local security firm to monitor airport terminals and filter out gypsy travelers wanting to fly to Canada.

When the gypsies first heard about the direct traveling opportunity to Canada they were elated; but all their hopes and expectations have been dashed by the Canadian company's discriminatory policy that practically banned gypsy travelers from flying to Canada.

The President of the Roma Civil Rights Movement Mihály Dancs complained that a few weeks ago several Roma families, who wanted to travel to Canada as tourists and to visit relatives turned back from the airport - security people prevented them from boarding the aircraft despite the fact that they held valid tickets.

So far eight Roma families of Miskolc launched a complaint against the Canadian company for discriminating against gypsy travelers said the president of the Roma Civil Rights Movement.

Canada's unfair policy toward gypsy travelers is surprising because earlier this month the Canadian Embassy by joining 19 other embassies issued a joint press release in support of the Budapest Pride. Among other things they wrote: We condemn all kind of actions that oppose the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe regulations complained bitterly the gypsy minority leader to the press.

Canada has unpleasant experiences with gypsies. Several years ago hundreds of Hungarian gypsies flooded Canada and set up criminal enterprises in the country; they lured their tribesmen to Canada promising them lucrative employment opportunities. Upon arrival the criminals confiscated the newcomers' passports, forced them to apply for welfare, what they took away from them in the meantime, employed them as slave laborers. Back then, a Canadian judge remarked that he had never seen such a cruelty by which these criminals treated their own tribesmen.

When the Canadian government realized the scope of the problem it introduced a new legislation aiming to shut down the influx of gypsies into Canada. Simultaneously, the Canadian government launched a billboard campaign in crime infested cities across Hungary, mostly in Miskolc and the surrounding municipalities informing gypsies about the new regulations.

Soon after the new security measures went into effect the influx of gypsies into Canada subsided and completely stopped.

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