Ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine must be protected – Jobbik MP Tibor Bana

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jobbik MP Tibor Bana attended the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) meeting in Helsinki as a member of the Hungarian delegation. In his English language address the politician reiterated Jobbik's position on the Ukrainian crisis - it can be solved only through negotiations.

Finland that representing exemplary neutrality in international affairs made a huge mistake by refusing to grant visa to several important members of the organization, including the speaker of the Russian Parliament said the Hungarian politician.

In his two minutes address among other things Bana recalled the violation of ethnic Hungarians' rights in Ukraine; he reminded the organization that the Ukrainian electoral system works against the interests of ethnic minorities living in Ukraine.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman! Dear colleagues,

I cannot let it pass unchallenged how the fully authorized delegation of a country has been affronted in the past few days. We are astounded by the decision that Finland, which has been showing an exemplary neutrality and reservation so far, has refused to allow several important members, including the Speaker of the Russian Parliament, to travel to the Parliamentary Assembly session of an international organization. This move is in utter contradiction with the declared mission of the OSCE, which was established right in Helsinki in 1975, in order to facilitate an East-West dialogue during the cold war years. This organization, which lists crisis management as a top priority, is in fact intensifying the Ukraine crisis by failing to promote a real dialogue otherwise ensured by international organizations, but on the contrary: it eliminates the possibility of a dialogue. By taking this step, the OSCE is questioning its own legitimacy. My party, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is convinced that the Ukraine crisis, which is primarily driven by the underlying expansion of the geopolitical spheres of influence of certain powers, can only be ended by way of negotiations.

Instead of succumbing to US pressure, the OSCE should serve the interests of the majority of its members as well as the principles and values of a so far deservedly acclaimed organization, which were laid down exactly 40 years ago. Let me ask: how can you find a peaceful political solution for a war that impacts all of us so gravely and is raging on in Ukraine even at this moment, if we exclude a party actively involved in the negotiations?

As a Hungarian MP I see the situation from the aspect of the almost 200 000 Hungarians living in the western part of Ukraine. Hungary is responsible for this community, however, the Ukrainian electoral system works against the interests of the minorities living in Ukraine.

Thank you for your attention

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