Fresh photos show migrants transforming the Eastern Railway Station into a refugee camp

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Eastern Railway Station has practically become a refugee camp.

No wonder, as in recent weeks on average 1000-1500 migrants per day arrived in the country.

Two weeks ago, the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) held a demonstration in Budapest near the Eastern Railway Station to protest against the intolerable conditions in the heart of Budapest.

A major police operation has begun in early morning today at Eastern Railway Station.

According to sources, the police operation has been triggered by reports of spreading infectious disease among migrants. But Migration Aid activists said that the rumors were unfounded, police merely checking migrants' documents.

A few days ago more than 56 migrants had been transported to hospital with diarrhea. Later, the hospital's infectious disease ward confirmed to TV2 that two men were kept in hospital for further observation.

( - Photos: Balazs Béli – - -


Géza said...

This will be the destruction of the Europian nations! We all will pay a very high price for the policies of the political traitors all over Europe!

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