Globalists in Budapest demonstrate against the planned border fence

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Globalist assets organized by Migrant Solidarity (MigSzol) staged a protest in Budapest against the planned border fence on the Hungarian - Serbian border.

Speakers of the protest stressed that illegal immigrants are refugees and not economic migrants; and the fence does not solve the problem of illegal immigration.

The demonstration started in front of St. Stephen's Basilica and after the speeches protesters marched to the parliament building where they demolished a symbolic fence.

The foreign funded globalist groups are so enraged by the government plan to construct a border fence that the last week they even published a fake poll lying to the public and the world public opinion that the majority of Hungarians opposing the construction of the fence.

(Note: Notice the English language banners and signs. This indicates who pays these agents and their campaign and who they want to manipulate – western public opinion! This is another attempt by the globalists to launch a new anti-Hungarian media campaign in the controlled western media using the topic of illegal immigration as a pretext.)

Internet users reporting that the protesters receive 40 Euros an hour. These kind of paid demonstrations are especially popular among drug addicts. Apparently, the crowd largely made up by junkies who are eager to make some extra money.



Géza said...

You are right, the english language banners tell the real story of who is behind it!

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