Hungary donates HUF 25 million toward building victims of communism memorial in Ottawa, Canada

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hungary donates HUF 25 million to the memorial fund set up by the Canadian government to cover the costs of the construction of a memorial to the victims of communism planned in the Canadian capital announced the ministry of human resources.

According to the press release, on the occasion of the commemorial year of political prisoners a special committee has been set up to organize programs remembering political prisoners deported to the Soviet Union to work in forced labor camps; the committee has decided on its Tuesday's meeting in Budapest to support the construction of the victims of communism memorial planned in Ottawa with HUF 25 million.

The construction of the memorial will cost approximately four million Canadian dollars (about HUF 880 million). The Canadian government will cover 70 percent of the costs; the rest of the money must put up by donors.

By donating HUF 25 million, Hungary has become the biggest donor to the memorial fund highlighted the press release.

After the 1956 revolution and war of independence Canada accepted 43 thousand Hungarian refugees highlighted the press release.

Images of the planned memorial can be viewed HERE!

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