Hungary has no choice but to defend its southern border - the planned fence won't affect Serbian - Hungarian bilateral relations – PM Orbán

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hungary has to protect its southern border, it has no other choice; but it continues to seek a peaceful resolution to the influx of illegal immigrants said PM Orbán on Wednesday after holding talks with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandr Vucic. The Serbian prime minister emphasized that the planned fence won't hurt excellent Hungarian-Serbian bilateral relations.

Regarding illegal immigration, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed that the phenomenon isn't refugee or economic issue; what we are seeing today is mass - migration. Hungary had to do something to stop the influx of illegal immigrants as its Western partners also want to send tens of thousands of migrants back to Hungary.

The prime minister informed his Serbian counterpart that the decision to build a fence on the southern border won't affect in any way the two countries' excellent bilateral relations as no border crossing will be closed down. "This move is not aimed at Serbia, Hungary continues to seek a friendly resolution of the immigration issue," - he said.

Hungary has an elementary interest in a stable Serbia - said Orbán.
Hungarian-Serbian cooperation plays a huge role in preserving stability in the Western Balkans he added emphasizing the importance of the planned Turkish Stream pipeline that will reach Hungary through Serbia.

The decision by the Hungarian government to build a fence on the country's southern border is not human rights or foreign affairs issue, but a simple security matter added Orbán.

Solving the conflicts in Africa won't end mass-migration, because one billion Africans still would like to improve their living conditions.

Serbia is very satisfied with the way bilateral relations develop between the two countries; we have invested lots of work and energy to improve these relations, and the intended fence won't damage our ongoing cooperation with Hungary said the Serbian prime minister.

In difficult times even more important for Serbia to cultivate friendly relations with its neighbors and Serbia and Hungary are close friends he added.

Even though Serbia is not happy about the planned fence, it is confident that the influx of migrants on the Serbian - Macedonian border can be stopped with the active participation of Hungary added the Serbian prime minister.

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