Illegal immigrants fleeing police near Szeged – the influx of migrants doesn't seem to stop anytime soon

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The photos show illegal immigrants fleeing police near Szeged. They wanted to slip into the country undetected. No one knows how many illegal immigrants managed to enter into the country without being noticed by law enforcement agencies. reported seeing scores of migrants in various parts of Budapest. Police and security guards patrolling Margaret Island twenty-four hours a day as an increasing number of migrants try to hide in the bushy areas of the island.

In other parts of the capital including the downtown groups of migrants becoming regular feature of the cityscape. They just hang around sitting on benches or lying on the grass seemingly aimlessly. Most of them well dressed carrying cell phones and other conveniences. When they are asked what are they doing here they give no answer.

Police recently checked the documents of a man and a woman carrying a baby. It turned out that the papers allowing them to stay in the country expired. After a thorough search of their belonging police found several thousands of Euros hidden in the baby's double sided diaper.

On Friday, police captured 720 illegal immigrants; but, no one knows how many of them slipped into the country undetected.

Last week more than seven thousand migrants were apprehended by police.

National Police Headquarters have reported today that on Saturday more than 600 hundred illegal immigrants have been apprehended by various law enforcement agencies.

Public document forgery charges laid in two cases, and two suspects have been charged with human trafficking.

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