Italian and Hungarian deputies are also planning to visit the Crimean Peninsula

Friday, July 31, 2015

A group of representatives of the Italian Parliament plan to visit the Crimean peninsula and Moscow in the fall write Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Manlio Di Stefano member of the Five Star Movement and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Parliament said the trip is planned for early October; the delegation might include 8-10 members of parliament.

The Italian delegation has been invited to visit Crimea by Andrei Klimov vice-chairman of the Duma Committee for International Relations in order to obtain first-hand information on the life of the people of the peninsula since the referendum held in March 2014.

The news portal also reported that the vice-president of the Hungarian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, representative of the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) Márton Gyöngyösi is also planning to visit Crimea.

The Hungarian representative said he is in touch with authorities of the peninsula adding that the exact date of the visit is still being discussed.

French MPs that visited the Crimean Peninsula last week said the reunification of Crimea with Russia was legitimate.

The head of the French delegation Thierry Mariani remarked that in October he will be leading another delegation to Russia - writes TASS referring to France Info radio.

Our delegation made up by ten members of the National Assembly and the Senate but a lot more people wanted to come with us said the French MP.

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