János Lázár: The collapse of Ukraine can't be ruled out

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ukraine can collapse; a scenario like this might strengthen autonomy aspirations in the country. But the Hungarian government's most important goal is to ensure the wellbeing of Transcarpathian Hungarians in their homeland, that's why we've introduced a new aid program for ethnic Hungarians said Lázár.

All Transcarpathian Hungarian teachers will receive salary supplements and the Hungarian government pays for all ethnic Hungarian children's meals; the government also helps local governments that got into a difficult situation.

The government is very concerned of the shootings erupted on the streets of Munkács; the Ukrainian state must guarantee the personal safety of the Transcarpathian Hungarian community.

It is the responsibility of the Hungarian government to protect all Hungarians. If the Transcarpathian Hungarian community becomes target and must flee from their homeland, we will help. The government has a comprehensive plan to tackle even the most catastrophic situation in Ukraine said Lázár.

In the meantime, Chinese rating agency Dagong hinted that Ukraine might go bankrupt.

"I believe Ukraine has no sufficient potential to repay the debt using internal resources. Borrowings were made subject to political trends and in conditions of economic instability inside the country. The political situation in the country, the state of affairs in the society and the war adversely affect the economy and hence the ability to repay debts, Therefore the state of affairs in Ukraine triggers our concerns," the president of Dagong Guan Jianzhong said on Wednesday.

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