József Mónus once again stood on the top of the podium

Thursday, July 30, 2015

József Mónus won gold medal this weekend's international archery competition in Turkey in traditional unlimited draw strength/size category.

The Hungarian archer repeated his previous world record of 467 meters and ones again he had no match in this category.

Four-hundred-thirty-two archers competed in various categories in the international archery tournament in Turkey during the weekend. Csaba Balogh and Kristóf Balogh also won gold medals in Turks traditional event where competitors had to hit a pitcher-shaped target.

Neither the preparation for the tournament nor the trip to the location were ideal for the champion; to reach the competition site took one and a half days. The heat was unbearable - 40-degree Celsius; it was very difficult to accomplish this result under such a hostile climate Mónus said.

Each competitor could use four arrows to hit the target. Strong headwind was blowing during the entire competition. Also, due to the rocky terrain, all of my specially manufactured arrows have been broken; to manufacture and test new ones will take at least a year told Mónus to the press after the competition was over.

Mónus has a big dream; he wants to set new world record in 907 meters to commemorate to the Pozsony battle in 907 AD. when Hungarian forces defeated the joint European army near Pozsony.

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