Migrant family moved in a property which is owned by a single mother with two kids in Ásotthalom - Mayor László Toroczkai

Monday, July 6, 2015

A migrant family with two children moved in a farm in Ásotthalom and despite the repeated request of the owner the family refused to leave the property write Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai on Facebook.

The owner - a single mother with two small children - alerted the rangers who rushed to the scene telling the migrants to leave the property immediately; but before the rangers made them pick up the paper bags, garbage, bottles, and other debris they scattered all over the property while camping there.

A total of 2,296 illegal immigrants have been apprehended by police nationwide from Friday to Sunday reported the National Police Headquarters on Monday.

On Friday 720, on Saturday 661, and on Sunday 915 migrants have been apprehended. Police laid human smuggling charges against seven suspects and public document forgery charges laid in eight cases reported the police website.

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Géza said...

Unbelievable.... this really has to stop!

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