More than 1296 illegal immigrants have been apprehended on Friday - which is an all-time one-day high

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Those captured include 238 children. Police closely cooperating with local civilian agencies in the southern region but even then they can't cope with the tide.

The images below have been taken near Ásotthalmon and give you a sense what has been going on in the souther part of the country in terms of illegal immigration.

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Anonymous said...

This of course, is an ORGANIZED invasion against both Europe and Hungary.
If we don't accept the notion that these are INVADERS (to destroy us in the long run) then we are done and toast already.

Trianon was a stone hard lesson about immigrants to Hungary; the previous immigrant wave culminating in Trianon just took longer. We cannot let that repeat again, it is now a fight for sheer survival.

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