PM Viktor Orbán: We live in perilous times

Thursday, July 2, 2015

PM Viktor Orbán addressed to the "Generális Konvent" - the annual meeting of the Reformed Presbyterian Assembly held in the Kalvin Square Presbyterian Church last week; "Our task in these difficult times is to find the way" that leads to the survival of the Hungarian nation in the Carpathian Basin. "The Hungarian Reformed Church knows the way, history is the proof of that " stressed Viktor Orbán in his welcoming speech.

We live in perilous times

The prime minister had this to say: "We live in perilous times that test the resolve of all of us." Although Europe today is preoccupied with mass migration and the Greek financial crisis, in the eastern part of Ukraine a war going on; in Transcarpathia, Hungarian families live in utter poverty, meanwhile the menfolks afraid of being drafted into the army. "In Transylvania the Reformed Church is under attack, which recalls the darkest days of communism," Orbán added.

What kind of future can the Hungarian nation have in the Carpathian Basin? The answer to this question was already stated a number of times in the past centuries, which is still valid today: survive and keep the faith while war going on in Ukraine, with which we have nothing to do."

Remain Christian and Hungarian

Viktor Orbán recalled the mission of 16th century protestant preachers that traveled villages across the country during the Ottoman times to keep the faith of the common folks urging them to remain "Christian and Hungarian." So it happened that what we lost militarily and politically in Mohács disaster we recaptured culturally and spiritually in other areas...

Remembering its historical duty the Hungarian Reformed Church adopted a new constitution in 2009 with the aim to represent the scattered nation around the world.

"What God has created as a single unit Trianon, and communism can't tear apart" said Orbán. Six years ago the "Generális Konvent" helped to rebuild centuries long common ties among the scattered parts of the nation; the Hungarian Reformed Church fulfilled its historical mission by uniting Hungarians in Transylvania, Transdanubia, Felvidék, Transcarpathia with the motherland."

Viktor Orbán, said: "Hungary's responsible leaders asking you today that like in the past half millennium continue serving the nation in the coming decades." "Let's stand up for Transcarpathia where an economic and social catastrophe is brewing and also for Transylvania!"

Then, the prime minister thanked the leaders of the Reformed Church for helping thousands of impoverished Hungarian families in Transcarpathia.

"Let's stand shoulder to shoulder and work together for the survival of Hungarian nation in the Carpathian Basin" concluded his speech PM Viktor Orbán.

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