Secretary Miklós Soltész: Today, we are witnessing the invasion of Europe

Monday, July 20, 2015

Illegal immigration is a big business, it is a meticulously planned development aiming to conquer the whole of Europe – the spectacle is better to be called mass migration said the secretary of state responsible for civil society in "Napi Gazdaság" interview on Monday.

Mass migration will have serious consequences not only for Europe but for the whole world as well. This tremendous immigration pressure that we are facing today can even cripple a great power economically speaking said Soltész.

The whole of Europe should work together to resolve this most serious issue of our times; but sadly, there is no sign that anything like that could happen anytime soon; this is why the planned fence on the Hungarian – Serbian border is so important said the secretary.

Today, we are witnessing the Islamification of Europe, which is not the same thing as the Islam religion; on the other hand, we have to stress that European culture is based on Judeo-Christian foundations concluded his thoughts on the migration issue Secretary Miklós Soltész.

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Canute said...

Stupid to blame the jews. Islam is the enemy of all civilisation.

There is no Ten Commandments in islam, no Golden rule:

One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated (jewish).

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (christian).

No great difference between the two. But the difference to the monstrous islam is enormous.

Anonymous said...

Today's celebration of the winning at Nandorfehervar should be a reminder, that we MUST do what needs to be done, to stop an invasion.
An invasion is an invasion, irrespective if it's done through military means or not.
If it's done through non-military means, it simply means that the victim/target country of the invaders is unfit to live, as it lost the will to defend itself.

Living is a tough business. Those who don't recognize it, will not live long - unless they are ridiculously lucky.

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