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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The alleged victim

A group of individuals assaulted a female student in Szeged Saturday night because they mistook her boyfriend for an immigrant reported the extremist liberal news portal

The incident comes in the wake of a government's decision to construct a barrier on the southern border of the country to stop the influx of illegal immigrants.

The majority of people understand that the endless wave of illegal immigrants coming into the country is a result of a controlled process.

The promoters of illegal immigration enraged that the cabinet ruined their plan to flood the country with migrants and use them to destabilize the economy and remove the government from power.

The liberal mainstream media and the globalist opposition have been campaigning against the planned border fence since day one; they argue that the construction of the fence will increase anti-immigrant sentiments among the general public. This incident seems to be a follow up on those arguments.

The controlled media will no doubt exploit this incident and try to pin the blame for the attack on the government; they've already stressed that the perpetrators were “right wing extremists”.

According to the report, a couple was attacked late Saturday night in Szeged by skinheads dressed in black clothing (the report emphasizes that the perpetrators dressed in black). According to the brother of the alleged female victim, the attackers mistook her sister's boyfriend for an immigrant as he born of interracial union. When they were told that he was a Hungarian citizen the perpetrators assaulted the white girl allegedly fracturing her cheekbone.

This is what we know of the alleged attack at this time. We have to wait and see the outcome of the police investigation. If police capture the alleged perpetrators then, it might be that patsies were used by fifth column forces to pull off an anti-immigrant incident; if police “fail” to capture the alleged perpetrators and the liberal media drop the story altogether we know it was a false flag event.

I wrote this post a two day ago but I didn't publish it waiting to see how the story develops.

Today, the liberal media released a video that apparently showing the racially motivated attack. The very fact that there was a camera on the seen makes the truth value of the official story highly questionable. Take a look at the footage and judge yourself; does a racial attack look like this?

The alleged victim wrote on facebook she was over a surgery and recovering at home. Due to the attack, she has also lost a couple of teeth.

Luckily, doctors managed to assemble the broken cheekbones without requiring implantation of a metal plate into the skull.

And here is another clue that makes the liberal account of the story highly suspicious: The victim doesn't remember the details of the attack.

The victim's boyfriend wrote on University of Szeged's Facebook page that he condemns violence and racism, and sympathizes with all victims of racism; in the meantime, he encourages residents of the city to help identifying the culprits. (If you understand a bit about text analysis it must be clear that this last paragraph sums up the main message of the incident. The key words: racism, all victims of racism, - and the target audience – residents of the city.)

"Magyar Nemzet" has learned that police took custody of an individual that suspected of assaulting a female student who as a result suffered serious injury.

The interesting thing about this piece of news is that it turned out that the suspect is an employee of a correctional institution.

The liberal media earlier reported that the attackers were skinheads.

It is also noteworthy that only one suspect has been taken into custody when at least four or five people took part in the assault - according to the video footage.

The creator of the video who just happened to be in the area where the assault took place wrote on facebook, "it all happened quickly, I noticed that a fight broke out under the bridge; I saw 2 or 3 people punching someone with all their might; then, I didn't know that the victim was a girl."

The video doesn't show any assault other than a few people running around.

What kind of fight can you imagine could erupt between a girl weighing 50 or 60 kg and 3 adult males?

If it is true that three people assaulted the victim how come that police took only one into custody?

The Prosecutor's Office of Szeged questioned the suspect who worked as a prison guard in Szeged correctional Institution, the “Csillag” Prison; it is noteworthy that the employer didn't give the suspect the benefit of the doubt but fired him from his job as soon as the news about the incident appeared in the media. As the only suspect in the case he denies all charges against him - said the spokesman of the Prosecutor's Office.

It could be that the prison guard was framed; the video footage clearly shows that several other people were involved in the incident yet, only one has been taken into custody.

Here is another hint that this was a false flag!


The video can be viewed HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Provocations by foreign nationals have taken place.

I have a personal experience (by happenstance) in this regard in Bud, two years ago in connection with the gay parade.

A beating took place there also, at Nyugati PU, the perps were dressed in (fake) Hungarian Guard uniforms.

I happened to notice them before they changed the clothes, b/c they were inappropriately dressed for the 39C heat [long pants civvies, black military boots(!), stuffed black bacpacks], obvious military types (demeanor, haircut, height, posture), speaking in a foreign language(!) - which I recognized for what it was immetiately - traveling on the #6 tram, getting-off at Nyugati and I got off there also. Of course, it immediately piqued my interest - what the hell are these foreign military types are doing here, dressed so weird for the weather, city type (not travel type) but stuffed black backpacks on a Sunday! I did not even know of the upcoming parade, I only found out about it after getting off the tram at Nyugati b/c of the shut-down of Bajcsi Zsilnszky) and asking why the shut-down. (The tram also announced that it went only to Oktogon - but I thought there was an accident, that's why it would not go further...

There's more, to it, but this was the preamble, and my keeping an eye on these three, because they just did not FIT...

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