Suspicious death of Maria Elena Fortun de Tósáó in La Paz

Friday, July 24, 2015

Magyar Nemzet reported that Maria Elena Fortun de Tósáó suddenly died in La Paz at the age of thirty, due to an infection. Apparently, she was rushed to hospital but her life couldn't be saved.

Előd Tósáó was held in a Bolivian jail for more than five years on fabricated terrorism charges. He met his late wife in jail when she visited her father.

Tósáó and his co-defendant Mario Tadic were spirited out of Bolivia in April by the Baptist Aid Service.

Maria Elena Fortun was the daughter of former Bolivian opposition leader Guillermo Fortun.

Tósáó married Maria Elena Fortun in 2012 in La Paz jail.

She planned to reunite with her husband in August in Hungary.

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